Zach Sobiech

Hey dreamers!

Today i was cruising around YouTube, and i saw this:







The video had a huge amount of views so i became interested. What i did not know was that this guy would change the way i look at things. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, which is a rare form of bone cancer. He decided that he would not sit around and wait for things to happen; he wanted to make things happen himself. This video made me cry, and most of all; made me think about, how i make small things seem big.

He is a perfect example of using music as a way of expression. He did not complain, instead he played music. He even wrote an amazing song called “Clouds”.

Zach sadly passed away May 20, 2013 but he is still being remembered by him not giving up!

Quote from Zach:” I want to be remembered as a kid who did not go down without fighting”

My Last Days:

“Clouds Music Video – Celebrity style!”:


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