50 random facts about me

Hey dreamers!

Did you know that i?:

  1. love horror movies?
  2. love organizing and cleaning?
  3. get anxiety when i am late for something?
  4.  try to eat healthy?
  5. do not care about what brands i am wearing?
  6. hate spending money?
  7. have to check the bus-schedule every morning…Even tough it is the same every morning…?
  8. enjoy writing?
  9. love blogging?
  10. want to travel the world?
  11. am Danish?
  12. love reading books about idols, love and power?
  13. love Denmark, but cant wait until i move?
  14. turn 18 next year?
  15. always remember weird facts?
  16. get mad at my self all the time (for small things)?
  17. love LOVE love the Pink Ice perfume?
  18. very easily fall in love…?
  19. have worked every since i turned 13 (so 3½ year)?
  20. love Tortilla chips, guacamole and salsa?
  21. have a thing for tattooed guys?
  22. really want 5-10 tattoos?
  23. want 3-4 kids?
  24. love granola bars?
  25. enjoy the beach. Just being there is enough for me?
  26. really want an Audi?
  27. dream of having my own company?
  28. very rarely drink soda/pop?
  29. – but when i do, i drink Fanta Exotic?
  30. have read Fifty Shades Of Grey 3 times… over the past year…?
  31. have over 100 books?
  32. have a coffee-machine in my room?
  33. collect shoes (it is a girl thing right?)?
  34. dream of going through life without turning back – in the sense of not going back to people i once gave up on?
  35. once where a HUGE High School Musical fan?
  36. am not a huge candy fan?
  37. i hate light chocolate? but LOOOVE dark chocolate?
  38. love the color pink?
  39. really want a Macbook Pro Retina, but it is not good for school use so that is why i do not own one?
  40. hate Mcdonalds but love Sunset or Subway?
  41. have been in a relationship for 5 years with 2 different guys? (but not for the past 6 years)
  42. believe in true love?
  43. does not own any MAC make-up products?
  44. hate Uggs!
  45. really want to try Yoga?
  46. dream of living in U.S?
  47. drink alcohol 5-7 times a year? (that including parties)
  48. am against drugs, but believe it is beneficial for those with cancer etc.?
  49. love ice cream and could eat it whenever and wherever!
  50. love Summer and Winter?

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