Exchange student from Germany

Hey dreamers!

This week have been absolutely crazy! On Sunday my entire class was been hosts for 24 German students. Each person got a German and some even got 2. I did not get any because I do not have any room at my house since it is an apartment.
We went on so many different trips, adventures and places that now I am SOOO tired! Since I did not have one, I “shared” with my friend, Katja.

Here was our schedule this past week:

Monday: We guided them around our school and they had a crash course I Danish (they did really well) and then they began on their project:” Danish culture”

Tuesday: They went to Esbjerg and we went to school

Wednesday: We all went to Copenhagen, to show them our capital.

Thursday: They went to a shipping company and we went to school
– later we are going to a farewell party hosted by us to them

Friday: They drive home

The German students are from Ravenburg by the Austrian border. They are really sweet and they are really good at English. They are a SOO different from the exchange students that we had from Hamburg.

Here are some photos from this week:






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