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Hey dreamers!

I have wanted to do a post about this for a while now. It is first now that i pulled myself together to do it. I am that type of person, that can sit in front of my computer for HOURS, watching YouTube videos. There is quite a lot that i follow on daily basis, but usually i split them up throughout the day.

YouTube-logo-full_color1. SHAYTARDS – the daily life of Shay, Colette, Gavin, Avia, Emmi, Brock and Daxton, Co-Founder of Maker Studios

  • 2,368,548 subscribers
  • Joined Oct 1, 2008
  • Have 5 other channels: ShayLoss, WhenTheKidsGoToSleep, Katilette, iPhoneTard, ShayCarl


2. CTFxC – the daily life of Charles Trippy, playing bass in We The Kings, Guinness World Record for the longest consecutive daily vlogging and totally in control of his seizures!

  • 1,465,485 subscribers
  • Joined Jun 16, 2008
  • Have 2 other channels – CharlesTrippy, Trippy


3.  SACCONEJOLYs – the daily life of Jonathan Saccone-Joly, Anna, Emilia and Eduardo, they have 6 (YES 6) Maltese doggies

  • 485,064 subscribers
  • Joined Dec 29, 2009
  • Have 2 other channels – Anna Saccone, Jonathan Joly


4.  ItsJudyslife – the daily life of Benji Travis, Judy, Julianna and twins – Keira and Miya, mega foodies and hugely into make-up

  • 865,955 subscribers
  • Joined Mar 10, 2010
  • Have 3 other channels – ItsJudysTime, ItsMommysLife, BenjiManTV


5.  BF vs GF – the daily life of Jesse Wellens, Jeana and their 2 cats – Nylah and Bamboo, HUGE pranksters (also known as PRANK vs PRANK)

  • 3,927,986 subscribers
  • Joined Oct 9, 2009
  • Have 4 other channels – NylahKitty, DownRangeGaming, ChipChocolate, PrankvsPrank

BF vs GF




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