What if….

Hey dreamers!

It has been raining non-stop for about 4 hours now.My garden is currently flooded, and the sky is dark grey. I am laying in my bed, feeling kinda empty. Reason? I do not know…. I am going to share with you, what is currently running through my mind:

What if God have planned our entire life already? What if he knows who we are going to marry, and how our kids is going to look like? What if he, for every mistake we make, have to change his plans for us? What if God is just playing a game of real-life “Sims”? 

What if you already met the man you are going to marry? Not necessarily a friend of yours, but maybe you stood in the same line at the supermarket? Or maybe you bumped into each other on the street? What if the choice you made today have changed your life 4-5 years into the future?

Life is a HUGE “What if”. That is why you have to think about who you are hurting, because the person you hurt today may affect you tomorrow.


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