Things to know before turning 16!

1. Do not jump into bed with the first guy you see!
I personally do not understand those teens, who by the age of 16, have had more sex experience than people in their 30’s…

2. Fashion is different from person to person!
Just because you are more a “Black and white” type of person, do not make people who love wearing colors weird.

3. Sleep is key!
Remember that with enough sleep, you can conquer the world. (Or something like that).

4. Parties are okay to miss out on!
The only thing you actually missed was people getting more and more drunk… And the yelling and laughing… A LOT! You do not have to feel obligated to go, just because your classmates are going.

5. Trends are overrated!
NO you do not have to spend 100$ on a shirt just because it is trendy. Go to H&M or forever 21 and save your self for the regret when the trend only lasts for 2 months.

6. Being popular is NOT going to help you later on in life!
Do not worry about trying to be popular. The only thing that changes are your attitude … Being yourself is more important than being a puppy for the popular girls (or guys for that matter).

7. It is okay to be childish!
Being childish is fun! Admit it! Who do not love swings, roller coasters or slides! Not everything have to be serious… EVER!

8. Hormones sucks… !
You know it, i know it and everybody else on the planet knows it… Hormones are created in hell! It is not your fault that your body is going through changes that is physically AND emotionally difficult…

9. Lying to bus drivers is something we all tried!
Just because you turn 16, it is okay to say that you are 15. Who wants to pay more, just because you are one year older than yesterday?!

10. Reading books is not geeky!
Reading a book is relaxing. You do NOT have to be a geek to read a book. And people who say so, is just plain stupid.

11. Labeling people might hurt their feelings!
I know that I mentioned geeks in this post, but I honestly admire people who strive for something they believe in. But calling people fags, nerds, sluts and so on is just WRONG! It hurts more than it looks!

12. Wearing make-up is not a must!
I was 12 when I first started out. But when I turned 14 I was wearing foundation, blush, concealer and eyeshadow. I learned than wearing make-up from a young age is not doing your skin ANY good. And why wear SO much? Concealer, blush and a thin layer of mascara, and you are ready to go!

13. Tattoos are not temporary!
We all tried drawing on our arms and thinking “this would be an awesome tattoo”! But no… A tattoo is supposed to mean something for you and not just something that came to your mind. So THINK before you do it!

14. Social media!
Think about what you post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One mistake might lead to stupid things getting out of hand. I am not saying you cannot post things like “I hate….” but all I am saying is be careful.

15. Diets are stupid!
You are 16. Eat all the pizza you want! Have you ever heard about the anti-diet? It is awesome! In all seriousness, you are a teenager. Eat what you want, but keep it moderate. When you are as young as 16, a diet should not be a top priority.

16. It is okay to try things!
Cigarettes and alcohol…You need to try things out to know that it is bad for you. The day after you smoked a cigarette your throat is soar. The day after you drank some alcohol your stomach and head is hurting. You learn from the things you do! NO, you are not weird for wanting to try these things… It is normal!



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