20 facts about me

Hey dreamers!

I did a list like this before, but i wanted to add to it. So if you are new (hello, welcome 😉 ) :


Did you know that i?: 

  1. Smoke at parties, only?
  2. Am currently reading “Livet er en gave” – Ole Henriksen (Which is danish as well ❤ ) ?
  3. Am obsessed with Spotify?
  4. Have asthma bronchitis?
  5. Dream of going to Idaho?
  6. Think everything trough?
  7. Collect clothes…For some weird reason?
  8. Love the company: DAY by Birger et Mikkelsen? http://www.day.dk/eu/en/women
  9. Got a German girl thrown out of school, while in Ravensburg?
  10. Am going to get a tattoo sometime very soon?
  11. Believe in true love? ♥
  12. Have a list of hotties, in my notes, on my phone? ( i might post it…)
  13. HATE when hot people are gay, married or douche-bags?
  14. Will protect my family and friends any day, everywhere and anytime!
  15. Get kinda feisty, when people piss me off? 
  16. Collect DVD´s but does not own a TV or a DVD player?
  17. Have a lot of friends, but very few close ones?
  18. Drink almost everything at parties (makes me sound like an alcoholic…Oh well 😉 )?
  19. Am obsessed with my birthday?
  20. LOVE you! Thank you for reading this list to the end ! ♥








2 thoughts on “20 facts about me

  1. I am new to this I just got the app today and noticed you have your own wordpress did you make a page or do you just post what you want when you want using the post option in the wordpress app?


    • I have my own WordPress (as in having my own page), which allows me to post whenever I want. The app is amazing, when you want to blog but not near your computer 😉 hope this helps 😉


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