Exchange student program – Hamburg

Hey dreamers!

I wanted to make this post, because there is probably a lot of people who thinks about being a exchange student. I wanted to share my experiences with you guys, so that i can show you the ups and downs. You always get the happy stories, and never the truth. YES i do know, that some people are just really fortunate, but in my case i was not.  

Some of the things that i mention, is to get it out. Out of my system, and into “paper”. 

I traveled with my class, and the exchange program is all a part of the high school i go to. 

Hamburg exchange:

I was all happy to be going out of Denmark. The first time i ever traveled that “far”. Needless to say, it is only about 3 hour in bus. I contacted my “German  ~ or as we (her and I) joked about “Hamburger”  as soon as i  got there. Her name was Anna. This was going to be the first we would meet. I went off the bus, and stepped into the school. It was a very old, but beautiful school. Anna was in there waiting for me. I was kinda nervous, but not as much as i thought i would be. I was more excited. I got into her classroom, and i recognized her from her Facebook photo. We hugged, and talked for 15 minutes. She seemed so sweet. I was supposed to be talking English to her, and she was going to speak German to me. That did not work out! At all! Apparently “Hamburgers” are really really bad at English! So i mixed English and German. Worked out fine for me, but i do not think she understood me half of the time i was there. Even though Hamburg is crazy big, and might seem rich, most people are not. Their houses/apartments are crazy small, and their bills are extremely high.  After 3 days we went our separate ways, and i was on my way back to Denmark. I was tired when i got back, but also happy. I did it! I went 3 days in a different country, with a person i have only been in contact with for 2 months. 

After 1 month, Anna came to Denmark. I was so happy to get to see her again. But this time around everything was different. She changed her appearance, so she practically looked like a doll. Did not suit her at all! Oh well, i hoped for the best. When we got back to my house, my mom had made dinner. She ate close to nothing – before  she came to Denmark i asked her what she would want ” I like everything….Except for tomatoes, onions and garlic” – fine we could work with that. So my mom prepared some rye-bread, iceberg leaves, ham, cheese, sausage and so on. She ate nothing! We even bought some bread, that she ate back in Hamburg….Kinda rude!

Oh well, after dinner i asked what she wanted to do. She just wanted to relax in her bed, and talk. Fine with me! She fell a sleep! at 7 in the evening… Probably just tired, so i was like *fine, i´ll just go talk to my parents*

The day after she came, my mom made our lunch-boxes. The bread she ate for breakfast in Hamburg (which she said that she loved) and some sausage she liked from dinner. She threw it out! Everything! Are you kidding me?! My mom stood up 1 hour before, just to make us lunch. 


———————– I cut contact with her, because i did not like her attitude. I do know that i might make a stereotype out of “Hamburgers” and i am sorry, but Anna is the only person i have met/known from Hamburg——————————


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