Hey dreamers!

I was just sitting here, in my bed, thinking about how happy i am these days. I know that you probably, do NOT want to hear me blabber about being happy, and how amazing my life is right at the moment. But it is my blog so.. 😛 I totally forgot how happiness can change you, and your opinions. Some days i am very quit and tired. Those are the days that i hate. I am not a very quit person, so being in a body that says that i am not happy is really sad. I have changed the way i look at things, and therefor i feel more happy. I have given myself the space, so that i can be who i am. Even in a school where the girls are not exactly my ….cup of coffee ….. I am more talkative, active in school and productive when i come home. My tiredness is slowly disappearing as well. I just hope i can continue like this! I love it!



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