Brain scramble!

Hey dreamers!

I am just sitting here. In my VERY cold room, under my blanket with my computer. I tend to think a lot more when i am just sitting in my bed, and looking at my computer. There is so many things during the day that i forget even happened.

I sat in the bus today, going to school, and i was thinking to myself: “Why am i already there?”. Sometimes i do not even remember how i got to school. And then the day passes, and i am back home. That is pretty much my schedule. All the time. The school days are definitely longer, and more tiring than first year (1.G).

Oh well, back to the beginning of this post. Why is it always in the colder months that you become more sentimental? I find myself thinking more about my future, and start thinking about life in general. Where will i be in 2 years? 5 years? Or maybe just in 1 year? Is there something remarkable happening, or will i just be myself?

I guess time will have to tell me some day. But for now; Goodnight you amazing human being!

– Remember: You survived today, you can survive tomorrow!


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