Finally 17!

Hey dreamers!

I am now officially 17!!! (Well, my birthday was last week) but still! Not that i am more than i was when i was 16, but i am now a step closer to 18. It feel so weird to say that in 1 year i am 18. There is really nothing different from being 16 and turn 17. NOTHING. Why can´t the age just go 16 and then 18?? 😛

Why 18 in Denmark is so awesome:

  • You can get your drivers license
  • You are legal
  • You can buy alcohol and cigarettes
  • You can get a job, with a big income
  • Handle my own economy
  • Buy a house/property
  • You can vote

I am really excited, and kinda nervous about turning 18. I do not want things to change. I am just gonna enjoy year 17. It can´t be that bad huh? 😀


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