How life used to be….

Hey dreamers!

I am sitting on my floor (which happens more often, than finding me on the couch) and looking into a computer screen. If not looking into my computer, i am looking into my tiny screen on my phone. Most nights i am sitting with my parents in the living room, and we are not even talking to each other. I have gotten better, but it just kinda shocks me all the time…Why are we not talking to each other, when we are only centimeters away ? I remember back in the day, when i was 4 and phones were not the most important things. I remember sitting there, on the couch talking to my parents for hours and hours. About my day in school, and about their day at work. Just meaningless talking…Now a days if they want me to join them in the living room, they text me. Why do that since my room is 4 ft. away?
I am not only referring to phones, but technology in general. You are ALWAYS online now. If something happens in the world, you will find out with a buzz or a click.

What happened to getting surprised every evening, when the 8 o´clock news came on? What happened to you? Who would you really save if there was a fire? Your phone or your family? If you think both, you are not alone. But this is not how it should be! Phones can be replaced, family can´t! So spend your time wisely. You can always get a new phone, but never a new family. I wan´t to change my ways, and focus more on the important things in life; my family and friends! There is more to life than technology and thank God for that!


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