Review: Let´s Be Cops

Hey dreamers!

Yesterday i went to the cinema with Stella. It was a very rainy and gloomy day, so i got her convinced to go watch Let´s Be Cops. Thank God we did! It was hilarious!


Let´s Be Cops is a american comedy film directed by Luke Greenfield. It stars; Jake Johnson (Nick from New Girl), Damon Wayans Jr, (Coach from New Girl) and as a complete surprise for me Nina Dobrev (Elena from The Vampire Diaries).

The story is a about 2 childhood friends Justin (Wayans Jr.) and Ryan (Johnson) who is stuck in life. Justin works as a video game designer and Ryan is an old successful quarterback who stopped his career because of an injury in his knee. Ryan and Justin made a pact saying “If we don´t make it in LA before turning 30, we are going back to Ohio”. Justin is in love with the waiter Josie (Dobrev) who works at the local diner Georgie´s. While exiting a bar one night, their car is hit by a vehicle full of angry Albanian mobsters. The mobsters trick them into doing nothing about the damage.

Ryan designed a game called “Policemen”, and for his presentation he dressed two mannequins in police uniforms.  Ryan´s boss is not to thrilled about the game, and Ryan is disappointed once again. Justin is invited for a collage reunion party, where they dress up in the costumes from Ryan´s presentation. Walking back from the party they find out, that people mistakenly think that they are real cops.

They take the “game” even further and invest in a real police-car from Ebay. Justin learns the police-lingo by searching on YouTube, while Ryan is miserable at his work. Justin talks Ryan into making “the cop thing” a bigger part of their lives. The police-car they bought, has a police radio which catches the signal from the other police cars, so they can respond as well as a real policeman.

Georgie´s is the hangout place for the Albanian mobsters. Josie is caught in between their drugs, whitewashing money and gun trade since the main mobster Mossi has a thing for her. Ryan talks Josie into calling him whenever the mobsters show up again, since they now have the power – or at least they think.

Let´s Be Cops is a hilarious, thrilling and easygoing comedy! I definitely recommend it! I give it 5/5 stars! The scenes is shot perfectly and there is no time in the movie where you´ll be bored. Luke Greenfield is known for directing movies like: The Girl Next Door, Something Borrowed.


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