Exchange student program – London

Hey dreamers!

This is my second post about being a part of an exchange program. This time was taking place in Cambridge and London. It was an amazing trip this time!!

Read how my trip to Hamburg went;

Again; I traveled with my class, and the exchange program is all a part of the high school i go to. I write “me, and I” since this is my story. But throughout the journey, i traveled with my class, so they were with me,

Arrival in England:

I was going to be away for 11 days. 5 days in Cambridge, 5 days in London and 1 day travelling home. This trip holds a special place in my heart, since i always wanted to go to London AND this was my first time (ever!) flying. I was not really nervous, but then again i did not know what to expect. I stood up at 06:00 a.m. since we were leaving for CPH (Copenhagen Airport) at 07:30 a.m. I arrived at CPH around 10:15 a.m. and then checked in. I had to kill 2 hour and 30 min. before flying, so i got myself a coffee at Starbucks and some lunch at Joe and the Juice.

It was now time to start boarding!!! In my mind, i was running all the scenarios through my head and then i calmed myself down – “If you die, everybody on this plane will die”….Comforting i know 😛
I really messed my head up for no reason at all! I looooooved every single part of flying! It was so beautiful!

I was really sad, when we arrived at Gatwick Airport, because i could have stayed on that plane! But then i realized “Oh sh*t – you are in England now!

Through security, baggage claim and then a bus that was taking me to Studio School of English, 6 Salisbury Villas, Station Road, Cambridge CB1 2JF.


When I arrived to Studio School of English, i was put in a taxi and out to my “family”, where i lived while in Cambridge. My “family” consisted of; Junko (the mother), 2 twin girls (2 years) and a boy (8 years). Junko was Japanese, lived in England for 10 years, works as a teacher and helper in the local  church – so she had a lot on her plate! She was the sweetest and most interested person! She was so curious about Denmark and kept asking about different things that she did not understand. 🙂

I attended school in those 5 days that i was in Cambridge, and then I had some assignments to do while not in school.

Cambridge is a town with a lot of history! It is a HUGE university town, with a lot of small cornershops. It is the most charming town. In the center there is a marketplace, with new stands every day. The 2 most visited stores/places must have been Starbucks and Subway! There was always a billion people – i guess it did not help that it was freezing cold 😦


After 5 amazing days in Cambridge, I traveled to London. It was a 2 hour drive, that turned to a 3 hour drive because of the traffic. I arrived at Hotel Columbia, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS  in the early afternoon, got my key to my room, dropped off my baggage and then went to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. It was like being in a movie, where the actress enters the streets after a walk through of the busy subway system – let us just say magical!

The day after, I went to Tate Modern, which actually was a big disappointment. I looked forward to the museum, because i have heard so much good about it. It was empty and cold-like. Never again, unless Picasso or da Vinci drops by!  After the disappointment of Tate Modern, i really needed something else – thankfully I was going to experience the play;  East Is East, Trafalger Studios, 14 Whitehall. Which DID NOT disappoint! It was amazing!

On the third day, I was going to Covent garden and Spitalfields markets. I really did not understand those markets… Maybe because it was soo packed, that i barely saw anything. After a little hour at the markets, I was going to Harrods. May I say ENORMOUS! It has a billion floors, that gets more and more expensive the higher you go up – even a little teddy bear that said Harrods on its paw cost £14.95. But then again, I did not go to buy anything, but just to experience it.

On the fourth day, I was going to Southall to visit a Sikh Temple. The Temple in itself was beautiful! And inside, just kinda plain but still an experience. I was going to attend a mass, to view how their Religion thanks its Gods.

In the evening, i teamed up with 5 girls from my class to go sightseeing. We have been in London for 4 days and have not even seen Big Ben. No bueno! So we left our hotel, took the subway to our first goal; London Bridge. It was nighttime so everything was lit up! It was insanely amazing! Took some photos, and then went on to goal #2; Big Ben. We were unaware that London Eye is in the background (depending on where you stand of course), so we hit the jackpot! And Houses of Parliment (we knew that one 😉 ).

We took the tourist photos that you have to take, and then we went home to the hotel since we were leaving the day after – so we had to pack!

Overall it was an AMAZING trip! I would do that again and again and again….. 


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