10 things to my future boyfriend

Hey dreamers! 

  1. I am extremely passionate about life, and I always have a back up plan.
  2. I love discussing, and i am always right. If you are man enough, you will dare to question me. 
  3. If you give me time i WILL tell you everything about myself. All I need is time. 
  4. I am a firm believer in second chances – not third or fourth.
  5. If my best friends call me and really needs me – they will always win.
  6. I love traditions ! Especially around holidays! 
  7. I do not normally cry – so if I do, you know something is up. 
  8. When i say that i do not want to talk – i (despite other girls) actually mean it. 
  9. I might act like a bitch, but when you get under my skin you will get to know the real me. 
  10. If i say that i love – i honestly do. 

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