5 things i noticed in London

Hey dreamers!

  1. When you ask for direction, they will tell you “Ohh, that is just 5 minutes away” – nope! The place you were asking for direction to, is probably 20-30 minutes away. 
  2. Take your time to watch the street-dancers perform! They are extremely talented!
  3. In Denmark, when people are wealthy (or rich if you may 😉 ) they might dress more expensive, but you might not notice it. In London, when people are wealthy YOU KNOW! Their Louis Vuitton bags everywhere, expensive cars and a lot of shopping bags from the “good” side of Oxford Street. 
  4. Crosswalks are just there….Nobody really care to use it.
  5. The cops are everywhere, but mostly they pose for photos with tourists.

———————————-This is just for fun, so please do not take it seriously!————————–


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