New in: Soft bra & power bank!

Hey dreamers! 

So I recently purchased a soft bra. I have seen it everywhere and on everyone (or at least that is what it have felt like) so I wanted to give it a try! It is super comfortable and really pretty when wearing a white shirt/tank top. I bought it in black since black goes with everything – a fashion advice right there! (Lol) 

– it is from the Danish brand “Pieces”  

The other item I purchased (actually my mom introduced me to it) is a Power Bank. I have seen it in stores and in magazines but I never really thought about getting one myself. A Power Bank is a portable device that charges your phone (awesome I know!). When you have charged your Power Bank (first time charging it, it takes about 8-9 hours) it can charge your phone 8-9 times, before you have to charge your Power Bank again. It is amazing for traveling, and since I am going to U.S in September it is perfect! 

  (It is a private salesman so no company is behind it.)  


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