Drivers license

Hey dreamers!

As mentioned in the last post, i have got my drivers license! It is  super weird to know that i can drive a car legally (not that i ever drove before i got my license, because i was super paranoid thinking the cops would be around the corner to arrest me 😛 ) 

I do not know how driver tests function anywhere beside Denmark, so for you guys that are interested in knowing how it is done in Denmark, keep reading.

My driving test was on Friday 19th. at 10:30 PM, and it started at my house. My driving instructor picked me up, and i drove around town 45 min. before my actual test. You are supposed to drive around with your teacher, to freshen´things up and correct the minor flaws that you may have.

After 45 min. with driving around with my teacher, i arrived at the local police station which is where the expert driver (typically a guy, who sits at the passenger seat and evaluates your driving) takes over. The “student driver” sign is taken off the car, and you are driving on your own (with the expert driver of course). We drove around for 15 minutes, and after some parking-exercises we arrived back at the police station. The expert driver talked and talked, so i interrupted him (rude i know, but i was nervous to know if i passed or not 😛 ). He told me “Of course you passed, but i just wanted to give you some tips for when you are driving on your own” THANK GOODNESS!

I passed my theory test and drivers test in first try, and i am super happy for it being over! I ended up paying about 16.500 DKK, which is about 2.434 USD…. Crazy expensive!



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