My cure to sickness

Hey dreamers!

Yes – i have been “lucky” enough to be sick – the flu style! It is super fun, and so not tiring… Yeah i cannot lie – it sucks! I absolutely hate being sick, and i feel like it is a waste of my time. When sick, there is nothing else to do than just relax and let it pass by.

Growing up with both asthma and allergies, my immune system is really low so i get sick a lot. This time i have been sick all weekend long, and i am not going to school tomorrow as well. I do have some “tricks” that i do while sick, that makes me feel good and feel less sick, so i wanted to share 😉

  • Hand disinfection – so you do not get the other people in the household sick
  • Netflix/Tv – When sick, you get bored very quickly. Some movies/series on Netflix i have watched this weekend, and highly recommend:
    • Fuller House (it is simply amazing to have the cast back together! There is only 13 episodes though 😦 )
    • Kevin Hart´s Seriously Funny (laughter is a great cure for sickness)
    • The Client List (one of my favorite movies)
    • Friends (because it is Friends…no argument is needed)
    • Baby Daddy (Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Tahj Mowry ❤ )FullSizeRender (1)
  • Infused Water – I used ice cubes, cucumbers cut in slices, a half lemon squeezed in the water & the teabag i used for my tea (it might seem gross, but the tea i used today (Pukka) is with no additives so i have no fears of using it)

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